A Journey with
Sam Tejada

Living a purposeful and meaningful life has always been at the core of who I am. From a young age, I always wanted to help people, both personally and in the type of jobs I chose. I didn’t want to simply make a living, I wanted to make a difference. That was my mission – and still is, today


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About SAM

HI, I'M SAm TEjAda

Becoming a firefighter/paramedic at age 19 certainly seemed like the perfect path to fulfill that mission. I am honored and proud to have served my community for 12 years. But though I was literally saving lives, rather than feeling fulfilled, I became increasingly aware of the vast divide between the quality of healthcare services accessible to people from different socioeconomic groups.

On my days off from the fire department, my eyes had been opened to the benefits of alternative types of healthcare, like IV therapy, that could only be enjoyed by those who could afford it.

I founded Liquivida, fueled by the knowledge I gained from my mentor during that time and a deep-rooted conviction that I could bring transformative wellness solutions to the masses. The journey was arduous, marked by more trials and tribulations than I could possibly have anticipated, but today Liquivida stands as one of the fastest growing health and wellness franchises in the country.

SAm's Book

How To Win In Modern Wellness

Delve into the groundbreaking book by Sam Tejada, a blueprint for reshaping the future of healthcare. “How To Win In Modern Wellness: Delivering Trackable Results to Impatient Consumers” unites industry competitors, sharing invaluable strategies for the wellness-conscious era. Explore a guide that transcends traditional healthcare norms, inspiring entrepreneurs and medical professionals alike to redefine the industry.

Inspiring lessons. Proven success. Life changing results.

Transform Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Capabilities with Sam’s Book

How To Win In Modern Wellness


Impacting Lives, Shaping Wellness

Discover the latest news, articles, and features highlighting Sam’s impactful journey.

Sam Tejada’s mission is to bridge healthcare gaps and promote purposeful wellness, and to support medical 

professionals who want to grow and scale their business as well as aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion for wellness.

His commitment is making waves in the industry and earned him recognition as a collaborator and respected authority.

Explore the media coverage here!


Tune in to “A Healthy Point Of View” the podcast where Sam Tejada and industry experts share insights, stories, and strategies in the realm of purposeful wellness. Join engaging discussions on holistic healthcare, transformative treatments, and the journey to redefine the future of wellness.
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