Ben Crosbie’s Journey in Wellness, Franchising, and IV Therapy

In the ever-evolving landscape of wellness and health, few entrepreneurs have made as significant an impact as Ben Crosbie, the CEO of The DRIPBaR. In this article, we delve into his journey, insights, and vision for the future of the wellness industry.

Ben Crosbie, the CEO of The DRIPBaR

Franchising 101 and The DRIPBaR’s Cellular Health Focus 

Franchising involves creating long-term partnerships with individuals, emphasizing guidance, resources, and innovation for franchisee success.

Crosbie’s journey began with an athletic training and sports nutrition background, leading to his ownership of health clubs. Along the way, he secured global rights to the Tapout brand, paving the way for his foray into franchising. This experience taught him the significance of speed to market and the value of strategic partnerships.

Crosbie’s encounter with IV therapy in Las Vegas inspired him to recognize its potential in the health and fitness industry. He applied his expertise to The DRIPBaR, focusing on cellular health through IV therapy for consistent revenue and simplified operations. The goal was to become the go-to destination for IV therapy, similar to Starbucks’ dominance in coffee. 

A Vision-Centric Approach

One of the cornerstones of The DRIPBaR’s success is its unwavering focus on cellular health. Crosbie stresses that this vision isn’t just a buzzword but a mission that guides their marketing and advertising efforts. 

By consistently promoting the benefits of cellular health, they educate consumers and potential partners about the value of IV therapy in enhancing overall well-being.

The IV Therapy Landscape

While IV therapy was expected to gain traction first on the coasts, the industry’s expansion has been surprisingly rapid. IV therapy has found a place in diverse locations across the country. As more people seek to lead healthier lives and prevent illnesses, IV therapy’s appeal is steadily spreading nationwide.

Emphasizing the role of education in raising awareness about the benefits of IV therapy and its contributions to enhancing cellular health holds significant importance. This approach aligns with the franchise’s mission to provide a parallel treatment of care alongside traditional medicine.

Joining the IV Industry: A Franchisee’s Perspective

Ben Crosbie offers crucial advice for aspiring entrepreneurs considering entry into the IV therapy industry: “Don’t enter the IV industry unless you’re associated with a franchise.” He recommends finding a franchise whose culture aligns with your values and goals and adds that

“aligning with established franchises like The DRIPBaR, Liquivida®, or Restore provides a supportive framework for newcomers, helping them navigate the industry’s complexities.”

In ‘How to Win In Modern Wellness,’ by Sam Tejada, President & Founder of Liquivida®, Ben shares the secrets and strategies for thriving in the IV therapy franchise business.

in his chapter ‘IV Franchising 101: What You Need to Know.’. 

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