Sam Tejada in the Spotlight:
A Journey of Impact and Innovation

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Sam Tejada’s mission is to bridge healthcare gaps and promote purposeful wellness, and to support medical professionals who want to grow and scale their business as well as aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion for wellness.

His commitment is making waves in the industry and earned him recognition as a collaborator and respected authority.

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How Sam Tejada Is Shaping the Future Of Health And Wellness With Liquivida.

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Liquivida’s President and Founder, Sam Tejada, and Director of Strategic Initiatives, Corey Jacobs, joined Inside South Florida to share what the organization can do to help you prioritize your well-being.

Liquivida is now the #1 IV vitamin therapy provider in the United States. We talked with Founder Sam Tejada about how it took it to side hustle to #1 in his industry.
Sam Tejada opened his first company, Rescue-101, while preparing to become a firefighter and paramedic at only age 19. Converging his passions as an emergency medical professional and entrepreneur, he is now the President and Founder of Liquivida, a successful wellness center offering a variety of health, beauty, and wellness services.
1042 Your health is your wealth. When you are sick, all you can think about is getting better. You can’t think about your business, your finances, you friends or family. You need to be in good health to deal with all those other things. Today’s guest is here to talk to us about maintaining our bodies though Vitamin IV Therapy. I have never personally had an IV so I am curious to hear all about this for my body but also as a business opportunity. So let’s talk about Vitamin IV Therapy by welcoming to the show… Sam Tejada!
In his new series Action and Ambition, featured on, your host Andrew Medal goes behind the scenes to learn the backstories, mindsets, and actions of the world’s most ambitious people.
Sam Tejada began as a firefighter, paramedic, and then opened his first company Rescue-101 providing training to the American Red Cross in South Florida. Becoming involved with Cenegenics, and mentored by Dr. Robert Willix, Sam opened his first Liquivida Lounge in 2013. Liquivida is now a highly recognized integrated IV Hydration Therapy Franchise with several flagship stores throughout Florida, as well as expanding into other states such as Texas and New Jersey.
Samael Tejada, Founder and President of Liquivida, Uses Nutrient IV Therapy to Help People Look and Feel Younger, Healthier, and More Energetic
Welcome to another episode of The Action and Ambition Podcast! Joining us today is Samael Tejada, Founder, and President of Liquivida, a wellness center that helps people across America to replenish, rehydrate, and revitalize through vitamin IV therapy, medical aesthetics, and innovative weight loss solutions. The company is operated by a respected network of medical professionals who believe that sustainable health and wellness can be achieved by knowing the body and caring for it through targeted nutrition and a combination of preventative and functional medicine. Tune in to learn more!
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